What is the Weirdest Category of Porn People Watch Secretly?

Porn is one of the most consolidated industries that hasn’t lost its charm even with the advent of NetFlix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. It shows how much people have become addicted to adult movies and stay consistently updated about the latest trends.

However, many of you might be surprised to know there are many weird niches that people watch in reality. It is beyond normal categories like lesbian, homemade porn, gangbang, etc.

Want to know which one they are? Let’s read this post carefully and know the answers!

1.    Periods Porn

We will begin with the weird category, named Periods Porn that has constantly gained popularity in the past few years. You might not find a huge collection of this stuff on the internet, but the ones available are full of blood. There are lots of people who get nauseous by seeing blood.


If you are one of them, you should never think about watching menstruation porn. We all know girls have monthly cycles and depicting it in adult movies is the fantasy of many.


2.    Toothless Grannies

There is no way anyone will think about missing this name in the list of weirdest porn categories. Toothless grannies is a different sort of adult entertainment that can create an everlasting image in your mind. Although watching grannies get banged by a big dick alone is a strange one, seeing them sucking cocks without teeth is beyond imagination.


This odd category has become the fantasy of many people who don’t stop themselves from watching this porn. However, we think the vibe of thinking about this content is just terrible and harder to think about for a normal guy.


3.    Japanese Newscaster Porn

You might have previously heard lots of weird things about Japan, but this one will amaze your mind. It involves a female dressed as a news anchor and people nearby do unspeakable acts with her. It ranges from cumming on her face to performing anal sex, while she continuously reads the news live.


Generally, there is more than one man involved in this type of video. Just imagine a news reporter getting banged in the doggy-style position, but didn’t stop reading the news. It is quite a unique, yet weird thing that people love to watch.

4.    Fish Porn

Can you even think of a fish sucking your penis? We are pretty assured most of our readers have felt disgusting just about knowing about it. There is a strange section of adult entertainment lovers who like to see people doing bad things with the aquatic animals.


In addition to fish, you might find videos with turtles and seahorses that can make anyone feel nasty for sure. Doing such things with animals isn’t right at all, but people watch it.


5.    Santa Claus Porn

This one might not seem as crazy as other categories in this list, but it is still weird for sure. The demand for this type of stuff even increases more around the Christmas and New Year season. 


Check the movie ‘Bad Santa” to know what we are talking about. It is pretty popular among the young girls who want to see something different.



These are one of the most bizarre categories of porn that are searched and watched by people on the internet. While it is harder for many people to believe that this sort of content is available online, it is the reality of today’s world.

What do you think about these weird categories? Whether you find it disturbing or like it?  Feel free to write about it in the comment section! 


Top 3 Porn Sites in 2024 According to RabbitsReviews

RabbitsReviews is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to providing detailed critiques and opinions about a wide assortment of porn websites, ensuring users can make informed decisions before choosing a subscription. This very useful service is renowned for creating a bridge between prospective viewers and premium adult content providers. Let's delve into the top three reviews on RabbitsReviews, to give you a sense of their accuracy and thoroughness.

1. Brazzers: Top-tier Content and Production

Accessible and consistently intriguing, Brazzers ranks highly on RabbitsReviews. Regarded as an industry leader, Brazzers continues to deliver multimedia adult content that captivates its audience with stunning visuals and high production values. RabbitsReviews reflects this, giving a rating of 97/100. The review underscores the monumental library of videos, HD quality, and regular updates as plus points.

2. Naughty America: A Blend of Variety and Quality

The second spot on our list goes to Naughty America. Receving a remarkable 97/100 on RabbitsReviews, Naughty America is celebrated for its mix of various adult genres and top-quality content. The review highly commends the site for its variety, spotlighting the broad selection of categories and stars. Additionally, the user-friendly interface and the value for money is appreciated.

3. Adult Time: The Netflix of XXX

Stepping into the world of Adult Time is like entering a candy shop for adult content enthusiasts. Known as the 'Netflix of Porn', this platform should be your go-to place when you're seeking depth and diversity in your adult entertainment. It too, scores a staggering 97/100 rating on RabbitsReviews.

What makes Adult Time stand out among other adult content platforms, you may ask? Well, for starters, let me tell you about their film-like production quality. Each video shot on this platform is immaculately produced, with the dedication to detail visible in every frame. This commitment to quality extends not just to the visual appeal, but also to the storyline of every scene. In playing out fantasies with a punch of realism, Adult Time provides a truly immersive viewing experience.

Want to know what are the other top paid porn sites today? Check out www.RabbitsReviews.com for daily updates.

Best FTM Porn Network

Being a fan of gay and trans content, as well as an adult industry expert, I love watching and reviewing FTM porn. In order to help other fans of this genre choose the best site for them, I've decided to make a thorough research, choose the best FTM porn sites, and then talk about them in detail. After exploring many of them, I came up with the conclusion that FTM Plus is the best one to join, which is why I'll dedicate today's article to this network as a whole and all of its sites.

FTM Plus Network

This network consists of three individual sites and it was launched recently. But the fact that it's brand-new doesn't mean that it has a little amount of content or that its creators have no experience. On the contrary, two of its sites used to belong to another network and they've been pumping out great content since day one.


FTM Plus provides a good variety of themes and amazing scenes that mostly feature a trans guy with a cis dude. Additionally, FTM Plus also has a handful of trans-on-trans scenes for you to enjoy, if that's more your cup of tea. This network offers content from Jock Pussy and FTM Men, as well as their original series Transcest, which focuses on fauxcest storylines. In my opinion, FTM Plus isn't just one of the best FTM sites, but also one of the best gay porn paysites overall.

Jock Pussy

Let's talk about Jock Pussy now, which many people, including me, consider the best FTM Plus network site. There are many reasons for that. First of all, these folks certainly know how to choose their performers and make high-quality hardcore FTM porn. On this FTM porn paysite, you'll see trans guys like Tommy Tanner and Ari Koyote, and many others.


These handsome FTM pornstars are always eager to give sloppy blowjobs and get fucked by hung cis men. After a nice and long hardcore session, they are willing to let them cum whenever the fuck they want. Luke Hudson, a famous jock, often appears in Jock Pussy scenes. Luke's had top surgery and kept his vagina. In some of the scenes at Jock Pussy, he'll be the top and fuck cis men with a strap-on.


FTM Men is good as well, and I'm sure many of you will see it as the best site on the network. It was launched a few years after Jock Pussy, and it features performers like Beaux James, Chance Hart, and Jesse Diamond. This site features trans guys with pussies who appear in hardcore bareback scenes with cis men who fuck them hard and then creampie them.


Besides a great lineup, FTM Men promises a somewhat slow but regular update schedule and high-quality content. FTM Men averages two updates a month, and there are picture sets in addition to its raunchy scenes. All of the scenes are properly exclusive and available to stream and download in Full HD resolution.


Transcest is a brand-new porn series that focuses on mature men having wild sex with their transsexual stepsons in hardcore videos. If you love FTM adult content and fauxcest storylines, there might not be a better porn paysite for you than this one. It's true that Transcest is a small site that still needs to grow, but I was very impressed by what they've released so far, which is why I'm excited to see what they'll come up with next!

Amazing Car Sex Positions to Drive You Crazy

Let's say you and your partner are about to get dirty in your old bed, but then you remember that there's a far more exciting option waiting for you in the garage. What could be more seductive than making out behind closed car windows?

We can all agree that car sex can definitely fuel your passion, whether the sultry environment makes you pine for your high school crush or horny as hell from visualizing Jack and Rose in that legendary Titanic moment.

You can make out in any place, babe. Literally, you can drive it wherever your sexual impulses take you, because it's a car.


This sultry variation of the timeless cowgirl sex position is your ultimate maneuver for car sex. Why? It's so hot to ride your partner hard and fast, feeling their cock or strap-on hit all the right spots and giving you intense clitoral pleasure. When you want to go deeper, just grind your body against theirs and feel them fill you up completely. If you want to try it out with any other girl except your lover, then you can also try Miami Escorts.

Straddle your partner while they sit in the driver or passenger seat and get ready to ride. Hot tip: For maximum pleasure, push that seat back as far as it goes. You'll definitely want to lean back the seat if you're indulging in anal pleasure, so your partner can have effortless entry to your derriere (just remember to use plenty of lube).

Reverse CarGirl

The same as cargirl, however, your lover can enjoy the view of the parking lot from your back and butt. In this posture, you can lean on your partner's glove compartment for leverage, making it easy to reach the G- and P-spots and control the depth and speed of their thrusts, you can always visit honeyaffair.com and find a partner.

Wrap your arms around your lover and sit on their lap in the front (or back) of the car. Brace yourself against the window or glove box for support as the temperature rises, for you're about to grind. Rather than grinding with an up-and-down action, which might be awkward in a car with a low ceiling, many recommend rocking back and forth: "This will help engage the clitoris, as well as the labia, giving you a full sexual experience."

Since you probably can't stretch your legs out completely in the car, doing a straight-up missionary can be difficult. On the other hand, a doggy-style stroll is always appropriate. In this sultry position, both lovers can tantalizingly access your throbbing clit or pulsating member, and you'll both relish in the intense thrusting and electrifying G and P-spot arousal.


Here were some of the amazing car sex positions that will help you to have good car sex with your lover, don't stop till here explore more positions and keep trying new things.

Ways foreplay may enliven sexual encounters in missionary

If you enjoy traditional sex positions, it seems sensible that you would want to learn how to improve missionary sex. This one is popular among many because of how simple it is to be intimate, but it's also the one that most people go for while in the bedroom. But what if your partner is older and finishes before you even begin to feel pleasure? This can result in an unhappy situation for both of you, so you must constantly work on your foreplay to stimulate better sex than every boring sex. You can also watch Selena Green Vargas' porn to spice things up between you and your partner.


The excellent foreplay may lengthen your stay and promote climax.


Foreplay refers to any sexual activity before the "main event."  There are endless spots on human body that can help them to arouse for the intimate moments. You need to know the spot of your partner that can make him or her drive crazy for sex. Once you are ready to have it with your desire you can try different types of positions and add value to your experience of having a great intercourse. You can try different things with the same partner or same thing with different partners. However, the most underappreciated yet crucial component of adequate arousal is returning to the non-physical intimacy of sex. Arousal doesn't necessarily have to be sexual. Tantric sex is a concept you have probably already encountered if you're trying to learn how to have better sex. Sit in front of each other and begin to breathe together while maintaining a gentle gaze and quiet breathing throughout the foreplay. You may do this while snuggling or with your hands on each other's hearts. Find a comfortable position so you can be fully present without being distracted.


Use of sex Toys or Vibrators


One of the most common myths about sex and pleasure in modern society is that using a sex toy in the bedroom indicates a partner's 'failure' in some way. Instead, they should be viewed as a complement, an additional way to enhance and change the experience, and ultimately a helpful tool for anyone trying to figure out how to improve missionary sex. So why not add one to the position of missionary sex? Use your finest vibrator or your hands to stimulate the clitoral area. To explore your partner's other erogenous zones, you may also use a vibrator or your hands on different regions of their body.

 You will be aware there isn't much additional room in this one, so foreplay may be a better time to use it. You may also try an anal sex toy during missionary sex if you're somewhat experienced with the finest sex toys, and you can watch how to use it by visiting 91Porn.




Sex life is usually spiced up by switching to oral sex as a pre-missionary warmup, having your partner go down on you and having the option to reciprocate if you choose, and then immediately moving into missionary-style sex. Even though having sex is one of the most intimate things a person can do with another, many of us are reluctant to discuss our sexual preferences with our partners. Foreplay is a fundamental aspect of a relationship that all parties neglect, and a lack of it can result in boring sex and other problems.

Wanna Enjoy Live Sex Cams Like a Pro? Here’s The Slang You Need to Know!

Porn is fun, but all of the cool people are increasingly eyeing the far more interactive world of live sex cams when it comes to virtually fucking women and blowing their sticky load across their laptop screens.


The camming industry might still be young and up and coming, but it has become a serious tour de force of adult entertainment in recent months and shows no sign of stopping.


However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks many new visitors to the free sex cams scene face is not knowing what the hell anybody is talking about!

Yep, just like in the porn industry, the cam sex scene has a lot of slang you have to learn. The good news? It’s a lot of fun! The even better news? I will teach you the A to Z of the terms you need to know about!


Now, let’s begin!


This is a term used to describe a girl who has been stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey! It’s a porn and live sex cam industry term used when a girl has her asshole, pussy, and mouth stuffed with cocks or toys simultaneously.


This facial expression has its roots in Japanese Hentai and refers to when a girl goes completely dumb for dick. Her eyes will roll, her tongue will protrude, and she’ll likely dribble all over herself like a mindless cock whore!


We don’t have to take our clothes off! To have a good time! Neither do cam girls! CFNM means the cam girl will be clothed while taking part in sexual activity with a naked partner, and it’s a big kink on sex cam sites.



There’s no baking happening here, my friends. A creampie is a term used to describe when a guy empties his balls into the willing cunt or ass of a horny cam girl.


Ever wondered what it’s called when a live sex cam model gets her throat used like a human Fleshlight? Well, it’s called a facefuck, and it's defined by a lot of drool and gawk, gawk, gawk sounds!


You might have already heard of Femdom when a woman dominates a submissive man, but Lezdom refers to a woman dominating another female. Petite hands fisting wet cunts, and a lot of girl-on-girl abuse, it’s a popular kink on sex cam sites.


This is the kind of rose women really want to be given on Valentines' Day! Prolapse performances refer to when a cam girl wrecks her ass or pussy so much it falls out of their body and looks like a perverted rose!


The perverted sister of Facefucking and creampie is a Throatpie. This is when a girl uses a woman’s face like a pussy before dumping baby batter straight down her neck!

Now, Students, What Have We Learned?

There’s a tonne of slang and terminology used in the live XXX cams industry, and this guide has only touched on the tip of the titty. However, I hope it’s allowed you to find your feet in this rewarding and sticky world of adult entertainment!

Top 5 Reasons Why Nude Live Cams on Lemoncams Are Worth Watching!

Pre-recorded porn videos are way too cliché. Of course, you get to watch intense sexual and masturbating actions on your device but these don’t occur for real. The “real-time” factor is lacking in the usual porn videos. Nude live cams are undoubtedly the best when things come to watching some real nasty action take place live. Whether you wish to impose your kinky wishes upon a hot teen, skinny slut, busty MILF, naughty amateur, dirty shemales or large-dicked men, every kind of porn model offer their own awesome nude live cam sessions.

Are you worried about thinking if the nude live cams come as paid service? We know how you really don’t wish to part with your precious money. But, guess what the loveliest part of it all is? Live sex sessions are absolutely free on the mega adult website of Lemoncams. Keep reading to know how awesome nude live cams can get, and in the process, you will get the answer as to why you should really spend time masturbating hard while letting the slutty babes work their erotic wonders.

#1: Sex Cams of Premium Sites Made Free

Live sex on Lemoncams is the best in the sense that this website offers a collective network of some of the best premium porn sites. All these premium sites include Chaturbate, BongaCams, CamSoda, Cam4, Visit-X, StripChat and LiveJasmin. So, you can watch all the nude live cams of these paid sites at zero cost on the all-in-one free site. Fulfill your kinky desires by spending a horny night with these hot porn stars, albeit virtually. Live the sex chat!

#2: Diverse Tags and Filters for Better Sex Cam Refining

What is the point of a live sex show if you don’t get your hands on the live cams that you specifically want? But, there is nothing to be worried about. This is because you can now use a wide range of filters and horny tags that will help you get the sex cams that you wanted to watch.

Wondering what these tags and filters are?

Some of the horniest tags include the following:

·        Spanish;

·        Russian;

·        Petite;

·        Italian;

·        Blonde;

·        Big boobs;

·        Ebony;

·        Big Dick;

·        BDSM/Fetish;

·        Shemale;

·        Male;

·        Amateur;

·        Small tits;

·        Latina;

·        And, the list goes on!

The filters of the nude live cam site are nothing less!

·        Gender;

·        Age;

·        Language;

·        Hair color;

·        Body;

·        Cam site;

·        Attributes;

·        Categories: Amateur, Asian, BDSM, Small tits, and much more.


#3: Awesome Presence of the Roulette Function

It is usual to get baffled by the huge collection of nude live cams present on the adult camming website. Save time and get rid of confusion just by using the Roulette function. And see yourself landing on a random sex cam where the babe is in the process of playing with her pussy and wide, gaping anal hole.

#4: Availability of Models from All over the World

No matter if you wish to watch a naked hot teen from France, or sweet naughty girl from the USA or slutty MILF from Italy, you can now watch nude live cams of almost several babes dwelling in various parts of the world. You can indeed access the sex chat rooms of a great number of horny babes residing in various corners of the world.


Feed your boring mind with loads of horny content. Nude live cams are sure to relax you in unimaginable ways. Jerk off, naughty fapper and have a great time masturbating hard. Have bang-on sex with your partner! Enjoy your sexual drive!

Where Can I Find Some of the Best HD Porn?

HD porn is basically a necessity of the life of a porn watcher these days.

With the high-speed internets, large bandwidth capacities, fibre cables and all the great advancements of technology that have happened in the 20th century, it is now considered the norm.

Very rarely would one stumble across a porn pay site that doesn’t produce their new content in 1080p HD quality.

In fact, most of the new pay sites produce a lot of their new content in 4K quality, which is even better.

So, with this being said, I’m sure a lot of you are asking what are some of the pay sites that produce HD content, well I’m about to tell you.

Some Sources of the Best HD Porn

So, as you may know on the world wide web, there are many straight HD, gay HD, and trans HD pay sites.

So, which are the best ones.

Instead of listing every single one and going into massive depth a great solution for you would be to check out the following 2 sites. ThePornBlender and GayPornMenu.

ThePornBlender has 50+ of the best premium porn sites, and GayPornMenu has 47+ of the best premium gay porn sites.

These reviews written on these straight and gay pay sites, are long in-depth reviews that cover the pros and cons of the paysite, along with the pricing.

Many of the sites with the reviews even provide you with trailers, so it gives you an insight of what the pay site is like.

I believe this is really useful for the user in terms of making a decision.

Because lots of pay sites, when you visit them have content locked away until you pay, all they show is many different pictures and banners.

And when I mean content, I mean something as simple as just a 1-minute trailer, is locked away.

This is when ThePornBlender and GayPornMenu really serve a good purpose in helping you make the right decision.

Do ThePornBlender and GayPornMenu Update Regularly?

The answer to that question is short and simple, yes.

These review sites, constantly add new sites, readjust positions, provide you with new trailers, also, they let you know when there are specials happening for some of these networks.

So, you can get your favourite pay site at the best deal at the right time.

And with new pay sites coming out all the time, you can rely on ThePornBlender and GayPornMenu to fill your horny needs, by providing you with only the best.

So, be sure to check them out, and bookmark them for future reference.

Become a Webcam Model, Getting Male Attention and Profiting in the Process

How to Become a Cam Girl and Why You May Want To


Some girls are thinking about making money on the Internet. Adult cams allow profiting by getting naked on camera and gathering thousands of fans from all over the world.

Recently, this area of activity became highly relevant. With the advancement of online technologies, more and more men visit adult websites to have fun and relax after a hard day. Women's beauty, sensuality, and eroticism have always been highly valued. The ability to work for the camera can bring even a beginner webcam model a good profit.

First Steps in Webcam Business

Tips for a beginner model:

  • Choose a suitable streaming adult service - analyze the offers, compare the pros and cons;

  • Discuss the details of cooperation with the personnel, request a sample of contract, consult a lawyer;

  • Come up with a persona, a sonorous pseudonym; create your profile in the selected service;

  • An essential point - you will need suitable equipment for the broadcast quality to be excellent, if possible - a separate premise for performances;

  • Prepare the appropriate entourage - everything that can get into the camera must be thought out to the smallest detail;

  • Pick up beautiful outfits that will highlight your dignities;

  • Think about how you are ready to interact with the audience, what requests you are prepared to fulfill;

  • Think about your own safety. Collaborate only with trusted sites.

What is Webcam Business About?

A beautiful girl - a webcam model - erotically moves in front of the camera, gets naked, and shows spectacular, sexy shows - sometimes attracting other participants. On the other side of the screen, users look at the beauty with admiration. She can fulfill a specific request for a fee, invite a client to a private show, chat with them on explicit topics in a private chat, or have virtual sex if desired.

All actions take place in real-time on camera, which is incredibly juicy. Viewers are involved in the show, comment on what is happening, and can communicate directly with the performer. Clients can also tip the girl to do something special publicly or privately.

Communication with users, proper interaction is critical. After all, appearance is not the only thing necessary for a successful career as a webcam model. Sensuality, charm, energy - these qualities can help you rise to the top of popularity and start profiting.

How to Become the Best Webcam Model

It is crucial to study the competitor shows, learn to understand your viewers, what they like, what they prefer, and what they are willing to pay for? You have to offer your customers something special, stand out among other beautiful webcam models. Each woman has their own flavor, so it is quite possible to find fans. Learn to express your sexuality openly. Start by creating a few unique details.

How many hours to devote to work

You have many cooperation options: take a full-time job or use webcam business opportunities as additional income. It is vital to decide whether you want to make some money for a short period or are ready to devote more time to this occupation and make a real career as a webcam model.

Create yourself

It is imperative to create a persona that you would present to your audience. It has to spell a bright individuality. Thus, you will be able to offer your customers something truly unique.

Taboo and desires

Decide on what is unacceptable for you in any case. Note all your preferences in the profile. It is essential that users can see what gives you extraordinary pleasure.

Earnings in Webcam Business

Yes, you can make good money here. It is critical to understand that the more your reach grows, the more popular you become, the more money you will receive. Like any kind of artistic activity, webcam business requires dedication, inspiration, and understanding of all the nuances of work.

Who are the webcam queens?

In principle, these are ordinary girls. Sometimes they combine their webcam business with their regular jobs. They go out with their families, go in for sports, read books. These are our colleagues and neighbors. You never know what they are doing when they are in front of the camera. And this has its own mystery that excites the imagination.

Starting conditions

Talk to the service staff - they may offer you a specific starter package or help with promotion. It is important to brightly enter this business and continue to strive for success, gaining more and more fans!

Webcam Business – It is Simple and Profitable!

Webcam business is an exciting adventure, popularity, and decent earnings. This is an excellent opportunity to work at any convenient time and not depend on anyone. Choose the webcam portal that can help you get started and provide all the support you need to lead you to becoming a webcam-modeling star, like FireCams. We care about our performers and will definitely aid you in becoming a successful cam girl.

Trans 500: The Site Where Shemale are Being Erotic

Everyone in this world has the right to live on their own. Due to the blessings of nature, some people around us are not born male or female. Due to having both the characteristics of a man and woman, they are being called Shemales. However, they have their sexual desires too. Still, there are some countries where people hate to sit with them. Such discrimination can make them depressed from the inside. However, some people in the world love to watch these Shemales with a big cock and petite round butt, smashing other men, women, and Live Shemales.

Trans 500 is a site that offers female porn videos. Let's see what services they are providing.

What Kind of Services is Being Provided by Trans 500?

While roaming around in their site, what we have encountered there are lots of solo, duo, group Trans people who are involving themselves in Erotic fun. While mentioning the services, let's see what they are offering.

  • There are a total of 828 videos on the site. The videos are in HD quality. Low to high-resolution video quality is here. 1080p is the maximum video quality of Trans 50. But some videos are available in 4K too. 

  • The navigation of this site is properly arranged. When you'll reach the site, you'll see more than 430 names of the Shemales included there with profiles. It will help anyone to search for their best videos according to their choices. 

  • You can download the videos from here in zip format. They have a huge library of nude pics too. They have 200 pictures per set in their gallery. These will help you in leisure. Every movie or video is 20 minutes to 35 minutes long. They update their content weekly.

  • As this is a trans porn site, that's why the membership charges are quite high. For one day membership, you have to pay $1 for 2 days. For a one-month subscription, you have to pay $29.95.

What The Models Can Do For You?

  • As these Shemales have the qualities of both men and women, that's why you can expect both from them. With their huge dicks they can smash any butt and pussies and with their huge petite round butt, can attract any man or shemale to have a great fuck.

  • Everything there is as normal as common porn videos. Starting from blowjob to anal fuck, everything is there to satisfy your soul.

  • They didn't forget to take care of the fetishes too. You don't have to worry about your choices. What we have seen they have every nationality and every fetish presents on their site.


Having a female is good for those trans people who feel lonely. It will make them happy. The care, the love that has been shown in these videos, will give them jerk off for sure. These videos are not bad at all. So if you are a straight person, you can try it too.